PC Viruses

what is Viruses


What are Pc Viruses

There are different types of computer or pc viruses. Each of it has its own method of causing destruction to computer programs and systems. The four most basic types of computer viruses are worms, Trojan horses, and email threats.
Computer viruses are small software programs that are designed to spread from one computer to another and to interfere with computer operation. A virus might corrupt or delete data on your computer, use your email program to spread itself to other computers, or even erase everything on your hard disk.
Viruses can be disguised as attachments of funny images, greeting cards, or audio and video files.

Antivirus Programs

There are many free Antivirus Programs or Software in today's world and generally these antivirus programs come with many features as the ones many free antivirus programs or software find cost you after one or three months. Some do not come with the same quality features. The manufacturer of those free antivirus downloads or free antivirus programs usually do their best to make sure that you have everything you need with your software.
There are different types of antivirus programs that are available, with Avast antivirus software being one of the most popular options today; Avast antivirus is an antivirus software which features fast updates and advanced multi-layer real-time protection of all infection vectors, and it is able to safeguard against almost any type or kind of malware.
Their most popular products in this regards are: avast!, 4 Professional Edition, avast! 4 PDA Edition, avast! U3 Edition, FREE avast! 4 Home Edition, FREE avast! 4 for Linux Edition, and avast! Bart CD.

Best Anti-Viruses/Spyware Detection Remover Software 

The Question is that what is the best antivirus software who cover all features and support you and alert you about viruses and spywares programs and malicious but the problem is hackers because hackers is very professional in their work and they producing regular hacking software of malicious programs, actually we can fight with hackers but only when our antivirus software is update able and has hackers or malicious support features option and download latest version or software so There are many online software who produced online product with many features and supports 24 hours all in the world on net and also very helpful antiviruses software with many features like Remove harmful adware, spyware, trojans, dialer's, and worms / computer scan program for free or new threats and malicious find and delete, speed up slowdowns and crashes systems and safely tracing software etc, and many more.. in that software and tool or products have that you didn't see and get it before anywhere places, millions of  peoples satisfy with that antivirus software and tool because it is update software with many features and supports if you do like to download soft-ware just go to the Download option and Browse safely.


Tips to prevent virus

Prevent virus at entry level to keep your system free from buds, worms and harmful viruses that harms your data stored.
Some hackers also use virus programs to hack details from your PC, which gets the needful data from your system or can even destroy the file by changing the file format or can duplicate more files to create confusion on finding the original one.
Turn on your firewall to alert you on suspect over any harmful sites, data download and access over insecure data on the internet.
Protect your system and internet mailing accounts with strong password, changing your password frequently helps to protect your account from virus attacks. Before you download any files from the net check if they are free from virus or bugs.
Check out for updates on your Anti-virus software as they are more important to cross check your PC for new threats on scanning your system.

If your videos doesn't play after download the Flash Player.

Verify internet explore security and Activex setting.

  Make sure that internet security default level is set to Medium. This level allow viewing ActiveX,  control such as Flash Player to set browser security to Medium, blow down of this snap shot picture has complete step by step guide that how to fix ActiveX control setting to you computer internet browsing, just flow this steps and do as guide you i am hundred% sure that is work completely, i won't recommend you to read more and more articles and search website to solve this simple problem, please comments for more step by step guidelines and show your interest and ask question to solve your problems easy.

Video-Doesn't play


Perform this following  step.

 Step to Do

1. Open Internet Explorer.

2. Choose Tools > Internet Option.
3. Select the Security tab.
4. Select Trusted sites zone.
5. Select the Default Level button (If the Default Level button is dimmed, continue to the next step).
6. Move the Slider until the security level is Medium.
7. Select Apply.
8. Select the Internet zone.
9. Repeat steps. 5-7. When done, Select OK.
10.Now open your video site which you want to see and enjoy it.


How to Download AdobeFlashPlayer

Free Download Adobe Flash Player

How to Download Adobe Flash Player for watching online videos, movies, video clips and others videos online from any website with Adobe Flash Payer support, there are many website who using youtube videos on their website because Adobe Flash Player gives brilliant video result and also there are many features option like share button and embed video option and many useful option appear automatically with video by Youtube service that is why Adobe Flash Player is very necessary software for watching youtube and others videos on many websites as like itself youtube.com is very popular place for watching videos. so If You have still not download Adobe Flash Player for watching youtube videos and other online videos or movies, So lets begin watching the videos which you want to watch. There are short advice blow down step by step guideline for you to Intall Adobe Flash Player and restore computer setting, just follow these simple steps and i am hundred % sure that it will work easily. If you have any Question to ask just comment in the comment box then i will be able to guide you by simple steps to solve problem.

Download Adobe Flash Player

It's very simple 5 steps to download Flash Player.

Step to Do.

 1. Go to your browser, where there you write the address, it's top side of your browser it's also called  URL address and Link.

2.Write  www.adobe.com a website Open, you can see a download option in middle side of you browser.

3. Check Flash Player version on you computer, a window will appears,  you can see it and  the save option bottom side of this window click the save option.when it finished. Remember close your all programs first for installing the Adobe Flash Player.

4. Then go to that folder where there you saved the file, then click it, a window will appears on your computer  it's mean it is working properly, click the download option.

5.Restart your computer, after that open your internet browser and enjoy your videos which you want..